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Buck Mini 4G: compact, fast and reliable

If you are looking for a compact, full-featured mobile payment terminal, the Buck Mini 4G is the perfect choice for you. This payment terminal issues digital receipts, making it ideal for business owners who make a lot of deliveries or process up to 250 transactions per month. This payment terminal will work across the EU, thanks to the 4G connection over the KPN network.

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  • Very compact format
  • No smartphone required
SEPAY Mini 4G - Small powerhouse that doesn't need a smartphone | Buckaroo

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Benefits of the Buck Mini 4G

  • Very low monthly fees: you get maximum performance for minimal investment.

  • Delivered within 24 hours: you won't have to wait around to get started.

  • No installation required: plug and play, it's that simple.

  • Digital receipts: a receipt for each transaction can be shared with your customer via the My SEPAY app.

  • SIM card and data plan included: the Buck Mini 4G comes with its own SIM card, so the payment terminal can be used throughout the EU.

  • Connection
  • Checkout Connection
  • Contactless Payment
  • Reverse payments
  • Battery life
  • Receipt printer
  • Purchase
  • Subscription - monthly
  • Lease - 1 year
  • Lease - 3 years
  • Lease - 5 years
  • Registration fee
  • One day
  • Weekend- or holiday
  • Weekend
  • Week
  • Month
  • Three Months
Buck Mini 4G Staand

Buck Mini 4G

  • Connection 4G
  • Checkout Connection
  • Contactless Payment
  • Reverse payments
  • Battery life 8-12 hours
  • Receipt printer
  • Purchase € 165,00
  • Subscription - monthly € 11,80
  • Lease - 1 year € 24,30
  • Lease - 3 years € 21,80
  • Lease - 5 years € 18,10
  • Registration fee € 58,00
  • One day € 10,45
  • Weekend- or holiday € 15,95
  • Weekend € 26,40
  • Week € 36,60
  • Month € 78,40
  • Three Months € 156,75

Ready to purchase the SEPAY Mini 4G?

  • Purchase for just ā‚¬165.00
  • Includes 1-year contract
  • 30-day trial
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  • Lease from ā‚¬18.10 a month
  • Flexible contract term
  • No hassle
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Prefer to rent the SEPAY Mini 4G?

  • Rent from ā‚¬10.45 a day
  • Rent by the day, week or month
  • Fully Plug & Play
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Ideal on the move

The Buck Mini 4G is much more than just a payment terminal. Compact in size, this is the perfect solution for business owners who are often on the move. Choose the Buck Mini 4G today and discover the convenience and reliability of this payment terminal for yourself.

SEPAY Mini 4G: compact, fast and reliable

Frequently asked questions

How do digital receipts work on the Buck Mini 4G?

A QR code is displayed after each successful payment. Your customer can scan this code to download the payment terminal receipt or have it sent by email.

Alternatively, digital receipts can be emailed to you. We do recommend using a separate email address for this, as every transaction is emailed.

You can enter these details on your account page on the internet.

In terms of battery life, the Buck Mini 4G does not last as long as, say, the Buck Mobile. Why is that?

The Buck Mini 4G is a compact model. Partly, of course, as there is no physical receipt printer. This compact design also means there is less space for the battery. In short, the battery capacity is lower than that of, say, the Buck Mobile.

Do I need a smartphone for the Buck Mini 4G to work (properly)?

No, happily not. All payment terminals supplied by Buckaroo work entirely autonomously and do not use information or connection applications from your smartphone.

How can I tell that a transaction has gone through on a Buck Mini 4G?

You may well have missed notification of successful payment or be unsure as to whether payment went through correctly. If this happens, you can access the 'copy receipt' option from the payment menu. When you run this option, you will see the most recent successful payment, the amount and the time.

Checking online banking with your customer may not be accurate, as the amount shows there as pending and can appear to have been debited. After 10ā€“15 minutes, this transaction will disappear from your customer's balance.

How can I view my daily takings on a Buck Mini 4G

The easiest way, especially with a Buck Mini 4G, is to use the reporting option from your account page on the internet. Select the day, week or any other period and download it as a PDF, XLS or CSV file.

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