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Nowadays, consumers have become increasingly accustomed to bank transfers (also known as wire transfers) and refunds being credited to the bank account instantly. Buckaroo's Instant Refund solution reduces the time it takes to process a refund to a few seconds. The customer can spend the money again immediately after you refund the payment.

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When you have to deal with a large number of refunds in your online shops, it can take several days for everything to be processed. This is often the case with larger purchases. With Instant Refunds from Buckaroo, refunds are sent instantly via an API. You can also choose to have this done via a subscription. The refund is then by default executed immediately after you give the instruction to undo a transaction.

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Advantages of Instant Refunds

  • The option to have all refunds handled immediately by default.
  • The option to specify for each refund whether it should be handled immediately or not via Buckaroo's API.
  • Better customer service: the purchase amount of the order you cancelled is in the customer's account almost immediately.
  • Fewer questions from customers about the length of processing time for a refunded purchase.
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