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Increase sales with your own gift card

As a business, you can offer customers the opportunity to buy your own branded gift voucher and give it to someone else online as a gift. The gift voucher has a value in euros, is unique and becomes valid as soon as the consumer has settled it with a successful payment (e.g. via iDEAL). From then on, the gift voucher is active and can be used as a means of payment in your online shop.

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Advantages of your own branded gift cards

  • Creates customer loyalty

  • Encourages additional purchases

  • Contributes to branding


  • Ensures new customers (as a gift card))

How does it work?

The consumer selects the desired product in the online shop and follows the regular order process. On the payment page, the consumer chooses to pay with a gift card. Should there be insufficient balance on the gift card, the consumer will be informed immediately that the remaining amount can be paid using another payment method or gift card.

Your existing gift card also online

If you already have an existing gift card connected to the Intersolve or TCS platform, you can register it with us as an online payment method. The gift card is then added as a payment method in your online shop. From then on, your customers can also spend your branded gift card online.

Vouchers or gift coupons

A credit voucher is like a gift card with an expiry date. For example, you can cultivate customer loyalty by sending a credit voucher worth €5.00 by email in the month of the customer's birthday or after subscribing to the newsletter. Voucher codes work in the same way as gift cards and can be requested directly through Buckaroo.

Quick and easy implementation

We generate the code and you take care of sending it yourself in your chosen style. Buckaroo enables simple implementation, carrying out all checks when the voucher is spent, such as determining the available balance and the validity of the gift voucher. Generation and management of the gift vouchers can be set up either manually within Buckaroo's backend system or automated via a link to your own system.

Buckaroo, Intersolve or TCS 

Do you want a gift card that can also be spent at other businesses? Then submit an enquiry to Intersolve or TCS. Is the gift voucher redeemable only at your own online shop, physical shop or business? Then an enquiry to Buckaroo is sufficient. When you choose to accept your gift card online via Buckaroo, it isn't necessary to work with different systems. All transactions that run through Buckaroo come into one environment.

What if?

Dealing with all the possible scenarios during online gift card payments, such as partial payments and failed payments, is taken out of for you. This provides you with the assurance that the gift card will remain valid if the purchase process is not fully completed.

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