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Popular e-wallet payment method among Chinese consumers

Alipay is the Chinese e-wallet. The payment method is used by more than 900 million users annually. Globally, it even exceeds 1.32 billion users a year. Alipay, together with WeChatPay, accounts for more than three quarters of all online and mobile payments in China.

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Advantages of Alipay

  • Guaranteed payment

  • No chargebacks

  • High consumer confidence due to brand awareness

  • High conversion rate

Is Alipay attractive for my online shop?

Adding Alipay as a payment method is attractive if your brand is focused on the Chinese market or if you want to process payments from Chinese tourists. The payment method is hugely popular in the retail and tourism industries. Several museums in Amsterdam, for instance, offer their Chinese visitors the option of paying with Alipay.

Pay via Alipay

To pay with Alipay, the consumer links a debit bank account or credit card to the e-wallet. Purchases made via Alipay, whether via desktop or mobile, are automatically debited.

Online or mobile payments with Alipay

Alipay online payment

Online shopping via PC or laptop? Even then, payments can be made using Alipay. An Alipay QR code is displayed in the checkout or payment page, the consumer can scan it from the screen with their smartphone. They will be asked to log in to the Alipay account to confirm the payment.

Alipay mobile payment

Paying via mobile is the fastest and most common way of paying with Alipay. The consumer can be redirected straight to the Alipay app via the checkout on a mobile website or app. The payment request must be confirmed by the consumer after login.

Everything about Alipay in one handy overview?

Would you like all the information about Alipay in one convenient document? Then download the Alipay factsheet now.

Alipay Factsheet

Frequently asked questions

What is Alipay and how does it benefit my online shop/physical store?

Alipay is a widely used mobile and online payment platform developed by Ant Group, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. There are currently more than 1 billion Alipay users worldwide. Integrating Alipay in your online shop can lead to more sales, customer confidence and global reach for your store.

How does Alipay improve the payment experience for my customers?

Customers can securely complete transactions with just a few taps on their mobile devices, eliminating needless manual data entry. In addition, Alipay supports various payment methods, including QR codes, in-app payments and online transfers to accommodate as many customer preferences as possible and increase convenience.

How can I integrate Alipay as a payment option in my online shop?

When you create a (free) account with Buckaroo, you can very easily add Alipay as a payment method. Link your Buckaroo account to your online shop and download our plugin (if necessary).

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