Accept Multibanco payments in your webshop

What is Multibanco?

Multibanco is the perfect payment method if you want to enter the Portuguese market. The payment solution has many active card users and supports two forms of online payments. Consumers can pay online via Multibanco with a Multibanco debit card or start a payment online and pay the amount within 7 days at a Multibanco ATM. For this purpose, the consumer must share the obtained reference number when making the online payment for verification purposes.


Due to the rapid rise of mobile commerce in Portugal, a new variant of Multibanco has been introduced: MB WAY. In addition to the online and ATM variants, Buckaroo offers this wallet option which consumers can use to make mobile payments.  


How does it work?

Multibanco online payment process for users 

  • The payer chooses Multibanco as the preferred online payment method at the checkout 
  • The payer selects the bank through the designated page for making the payment
  • The payer is redirected to the online banking environment and logs in 
  • The payer authorizes the payment by using the online Multibanco app
  • The transaction is confirmed and the payer returns to the webshop  

Multibanco payments via the ATM

The customer completes an online Multibanco payment within 7 days via the Multibanco ATM by performing the following steps:

  • At the ATM the customer chooses the option ‘Checkout with Multibanco’
  • Based on the received information the customer can check and authorize the payment at the ATM with the Multibanco card by using the received reference
  • Upon the customer's payment, you will receive confirmation of the Multibanco transaction
  • Once confirmed, you can proceed to deliver the ordered products
Accept Multibanco payments in your webshop

Benefits of Multibanco​

  • The most used payment method in Portugal 
  • Instant online acceptance 
  • Multibanco and MB WAY can be requested separately or combined 
  • Multibanco is available via the Buckaroo API and the Buckaroo checkout. 
  • Contract and payment via Buckaroo 
  • Multibanco is available with all plugins

Download the Multibanco factsheet

Interested in having comprehensive information about Multibanco in one document?

Download the Multibanco factsheet now.

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