Accept MB WAY payments in your webshop

What is MB WAY?

In addition to Multibanco's online and ATM payment options, MB WAY is a wallet variant for mobile payments. This wallet payment method on mobile phones is already being utilized by over a million consumers.

How does it work?

  • When making an online payment, the customer selects the MB WAY logo
  • In the next step, the customer is asked to provide their mobile phone number and click on the 'Pay' button
  • The customer gets a payment notification on their mobile device containing a payment request
  • To pay the outstanding amount, the customer navigates to the MB WAY app and approves the payment in the app with the Multibanco PIN or via biometric data (Face ID or Touch ID)
  • Upon the customer's payment, you will receive aconfirmation of the MB WAY transaction, allowing you to  deliver the ordered products
Easily accept MB WAY payments in your webshop

The benefits

  • The most used payment method in Portugal 
  • Instant online acceptance 
  • MB WAY and Multibanco can be requested separately or combined 
  • Available via the Buckaroo API and the Buckaroo checkout. 
  • Contract and payment via Buckaroo 
  • MB WAY is supported by all plugins

Download the MB WAY factsheet

Interested in having comprehensive information about MB WAY in one document?

Download the MB WAY factsheet now.