Pay in 3 with iDEAL in3

iDEAL in3 is a socially responsible alternative to Buy Now Pay Later solutions, with 0% interest and no fees. Through credit checks and iDIN verification when creating an account, iDEAL in3 ensures that only adults can use the payment method. iDEAL in3 is offered by over 10,000 webshops.


With iDEAL in3, customers can easily pay in three installments - without interest, fees, or credit registration. This installment payment method is ideal for purchasing products with a higher order value, including electronics, furniture, or sports equipment such as a bicycle or scooter. With iDEAL in3, you increase your webshop’s conversion rate and raise the average order value of your shopping cart.

How does it work?

  1. The customer selects the iDEAL in3 payment option in the webshop. Once the checkout information is complete, iDEAL in3 instantly checks the customer's creditworthiness and whether the consumer is 18 years or older.
  2. Upon approval, customers immediately pay the first installment via iDEAL in3. After a successful first payment, you can ship the order immediately without any risk, with proof of shipment, thanks to the 100% payment guarantee. As a webshop, you are guaranteed to receive the total purchase amount from iDEAL in3.
  3. After the first payment, the customer receives an email with the payment details for the second and third installments. Customers pay the second installment 30 days after the first payment, and the final installment is paid after 60 days. There is no interest or additional fees.

With iDEAL in3, no AFM license or credit registration with Stichting BKR is required due to the statutory payment term that takes place within 90 days. With this payment solution, customers receive a spending limit that suits their spending habits thanks to a careful assessment, to prevent overcrediting. Therefore, it is also not mandatory to display the warning "Attention: borrowing money costs money" in your webshop to customers.

in3 pay in installments


  • Direct online acceptance and 100% payment guarantee
  • Average order value is 30% to 72% higher
  • Conversion increase up to an average of 15%
  • Pay in 3 installments from €50 to €5,000 (0% interest)
  • Reach new target groups and experience returning customers
  • Simple activation, contract, and payment via Buckaroo

iDEAL in3

In3 is now offering spread payments via iDEAL in a partnership with iDEAL. The new payment solution gives consumers the opportunity to pay for online purchases in a user-friendly way.

Which plugins can I use to activate in3 in my webshop?

  1. Magento
  2. Shopware
  3. WooCommerce

Click here to find more information about activating in3 in your webshop.

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