Payment for breakdown assistance via app

About RoadGuard

In 2016, Dutch emergency centre Eurocross Assistance and insurance company Centraal Beheer joined forces and introduced RoadGuard. A roadside assistance service via an app without a subscription or membership. It is the first app in the Netherlands that specifies how much the roadside assistance will cost, which mechanic will come to your assistance and at what time assistance will arrive. How exactly does this work?

Roadside assistance all around the Netherlands without a subscription

Changing consumer needs and the increase in mobile phone use made Eurocross and Centraal Beheer decide that roadside assistance should be offered in a different way. With RoadGuard, consumers do not have any recurring costs. They only pay for the roadside assistance they’ve actually received.

“Buckaroo offers a wide range of payment methods and a link that helps us with our credit management.”

— Dolf Huijsman - Roadguard

Pay via the app

Problem fixed? You can pay via the app. You can choose between iDEAL, PayPal and credit card. It’s also possible to receive a payment request by email. This request can also be redirected to someone else who makes the actual payment.

Business Controller at Eurocross: “We were looking for a suitable payment service provider. Buckaroo offers a wide range of payment methods and a link that helps us with our credit management. Which was exaxtly what we needed for RoadGuard. So the choice for Buckaroo was obvious.”

Want to know more or download the app?

Do you have a flat tyre, an empty battery or did you fill up your vehicle with the wrong fuel? When you’re in need of roadside assistance, download the app on the spot free of charge via the App Store and Google Play Store. Visit RoadGuard’s website for more information.

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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