Whitepaper: The ideal payment strategy

Pay with your mobile, the subscription economy, use data to get paid faster; the world of the payment market is turning upside down. Do you not want to lose the battle with the competition? Then take a close look at your payment strategy today.

Consumers go for convenience. And as the opportunities grow rapidly, they increasingly choose the company that works the fastest, most personal and easiest. And yes, that also applies to the way they can pay. Digitization has led to many new forms of payment, and many more will follow. Do you have doubts about the adoption of new methods for your company?

Then consider these benefits:

#1 More cashflow

Nowadays, consumers switch between various online stores within seconds in search of the best price-quality ratio. The next barrier in the ordering process is check out. Does the payment process bother them? Then they still choose the competitor. A quick win to match your payment strategy to the wishes of your target group. Immediately gives you more money in the greenhouse, and therefore more cash flow.

#2 More loyal customers

With a good payment strategy you not only convince new customers, you also increase the conversion. When payment is effortless, you will of course buy faster. In addition to lowering the purchase threshold, a streamlined payment strategy also ensures repeat purchases. A positive payment experience is the basis for this. Welcome returning customers: offer them extra convenience. For example, by offering a voucher for a subsequent purchase or by giving regular customers a discount.

#3 More insights

Another advantage capitalizes on the trend to analyze data. You get a lot of benefit with better insight into the payment flows. For example, you know which payment methods are popular and profitable and you get a more accurate overview of overdue payments. Moreover, you can use the customer and payment data analyzes for customer-friendly follow-up.

To work!

A good payment strategy can therefore yield a lot. And yet many companies often see the payment process as "something you do with it". It is a shame, because you have to start working with your payment strategy now in order not to lose the competition. So take a close look at your payment strategy today and download the whitepaper.

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