Point of Sale (POS) via Buckaroo

Let customers pay via a (mobile) PIN terminal

Payment online ánd on location

An omnichannel approach, the combination between online and physical sales, is an indispensable part of our daily life. The omni-channel approach ensures a higher conversion and a familiar payment process for all your customers. You can combine a wide range of online payment methods with various physical pin terminals, both fixed and mobile variants. This way your customer can pay easily anytime, anywhere.


Combine online and offline payments by using a payment terminal on location. All transactions are clearly arranged in one central location: the Buckaroo Payment Plaza. Start with omnichannel payments via Buckaroo.

Point of Sale transactions

Omnichannel payment process

An optimal customer experience requires a payment process that meets the customer’s needs. Buckaroo does not only offer a wide range of online payment methods, but a complete Point Of Sale solution as well. Let customers pay with their debit card or make a mobile payment via familiar PIN terminals. Buckaroo offers two mobile PIN terminals which enable every physical entrepreneur to let their customers pay on the spot. Regardless whether this is in a restaurant, at the gym, at the cinema or in a clothing store. The ideal solution for each and everyone. The number of PIN transactions is still growing every year, with a whopping 4,5 billion PIN transactions in the Netherlands in 2019 (source of information: pin.nl).

Mobile PIN terminals

Buckaroo offers two mobile terminals: the XENGO en the YOXIMO.

XENGO mobile PIN terminal

XENGO PIN terminal via mobile

Looking for an easy-to-use mobile PIN solution? Then XENGO is perfect. Due to its small size and the link to your mobile phone or tablet (provided that it has a SIM card), it is easy to carry and use anywhere.


Easy use of the XENGO via the free app. The XENGO can be linked to iOS as well as Android devices via bluetooth.

  • Easy to carry (small terminal)
  • To be used via the free app on your mobile
  • Send digital receipts straight via email or text message
  • Accept contactless and smartphone payments
  • Can be linked to Buckaroo Credit Management

Yoximo – Pay anywhere, anytime

When payments are made at various places instore, or outside your store, the YOXIMO is your go to payment terminal. The YOXIMO is a compact, all-in-one payment terminal with a printer for transaction receipts. All (inter)national debit cards are accepted on this mobile wireless payment terminal with colour display.


THE YOXIMO is perfect for home delivery, cab drivers, exhibitors and catering facilities where guests want to pay instore as well as at their table. The terminal can be used with a stable internet connection through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Allowing payments to be made anywhere you wish.

  • Portable PIN terminal
  • Enables contactless payment and return PIN payment
  • Strong battery – up to 300 transactions daily
  • With or without POS link

Fixed PIN terminal

The Buckaroo Point of Sale solution also offers a solution for a fixed (non-mobile) PIN terminal: the YOMANI.

YOMANI pin terminal

The YOMANI consists of a single component. It is linked to your Point Of Sale. Your customers can make quick and efficient payments, while you receive a direct overview of all payment data. Thus you can easily manage and optimize your store, stock and payments.

  • Not prone to interference
  • Very high transaction speed
  • Customers from outside the EU can pay in their own currency
  • Enables contactless payment and return PIN payments
  • Direct link to the Buckaroo payment system

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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