Sisow continues under the Buckaroo brand

Utrecht, 1 June 2022 - FinTech companies Sisow and Buckaroo today announced the completion of their fusion. The two companies will continue under the Buckaroo brand. "A well-considered decision," says Paul Scholten, CEO Buckaroo. All 14,000 former Sisow customers are now using Buckaroo's payment solutions.

One business

In December 2020, Buckaroo announced the acquisition of industry partner Sisow, but still awaited the approval of DNB, what followed in March 2021. Paul Scholten, CEO of Buckaroo: "It is a well-considered decision to continue with one brand. During the past quarter, all Sisow customers were migrated to Buckaroo's payment software. This provides growth capacity for our customers and a stronger position for Buckaroo in the payments industry."

Scalable payments platform

Buckaroo is a scalable platform that helps entrepreneurs grow with the assistance of smart payment technology. Scholten: "Since its foundation in 2005, Buckaroo has been developing payment products that make payments easier, faster and safer. And in 2022 that will still be our core and mission." 

Promise of the future

Scholten: "We know that service was an important driver for former Sisow customers. That's why we as Buckaroo will strive to keep the service of the highest possible quality. We want to help entrepreneurs grow with smart payment technology and the best-of-class support they have come to expect from us."

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