iDEAL is being renewed

It is impossible to imagine the Dutch payment landscape without iDEAL. It is the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands with over 1 billion transactions per year. But online shopping and paying is changing rapidly and so are the wishes of consumers and merchants too. In order to respond to this changing market, iDEAL is being updated.

The new iDEAL offers you as a merchant more possibilities. Your customer also gains more control over his/her payment process. He/she easily saves these preferences and personal data in his/her iDEAL profile via the bank. For example, the customer determines how he/she approves payments: with confirmation thanks to customer recognition, on the payment page via the QR code or in the traditional way via the bank with debit card and scanner. More services will be added in the future, such as recurring or later payment.

The soon to be launching services are offered that make your checkout process faster and easier. With iDEAL 'fast Checkout' you will also receive the address details of your customer with the payment confirmation. This ensures more convenience for your customers and conversion improvement.

The new iDEAL page is gradually being introduced
The new iDEAL page is gradually being introduced

The renewal of iDEAL with a central technical infrastructure also ensures a shorter time to market to respond to changes in payment behaviour and new wishes from the market. In this way, iDEAL can maintain its leading role within the payment landscape.

What are the advantages for you as a merchant?

The new iDEAL offers businesses many advantages:

  • Increasing conversion thanks to more ease of use and extra checkout services;
  • More widely usable due to new payment options via the well-known and trusted payment method;
  • Improved customer experience; less friction and the possibility that the customer stays in the checkout environment on desktop, no redirect to the bank screens necessary.
  • Easier integration; thanks to push of the payment status and the replacement of the bank selection by the iDEAL payment page.
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Because everyone can use the new iDEAL features based on their own preferences both the payer and the payee are in control of the way the payment takes place.
With the new services, we will continue to pay securely and easily online with iDEAL, just as the past 16 years!

What does this mean for you as merchant?

At the moment, the last dots are still being put on the i, after which the roll-out of the new iDEAL will start. The shorter payment flow based on customer recognition and iDEAL fast Checkout are already available at launch. The rest will follow soon and will be developed in alignment with the market.

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