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Crypto payments

Buckaroo is the first payment provider in the Netherlands to offer crypto payments. The ability to process crypto payments has been facilitated through the recently revealed collaboration with Knaken and its crypto platform 'Settle'.


Knaken has developed a secure and reliable platform called Settle, enabling users to make payments with over 150 different cryptocurrencies. The system enables direct payments without the need for a wallet, making it a pioneer in simplifying transactions with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC. Buckaroo facilitates daily transactions between Settle and any business that wishes to utilize Settle.

Reach more customers

In the Netherlands, 10% of the population is active in the crypto market and this number is increasing steadily. There is a growth in cryptocurrency trading, leading to an increased demand for making online purchases with cryptocurrencies. Make sure you cater to this target group during checkout by adding Knaken Settle to your payment methods mix.

Currently, Knaken is only available in the Buckaroo Checkout and Buckaroo API. Are you interested or would you like to know more? Please contact us via the form below.

Download the factsheet

Do you want all information about Knaken-Settle in one clear document?  Download the fact sheet here.

More information

Would you like receive more information about the collaboration between Knaken and Buckaroo? Or do you want to know whether your company is suitable to get started with crypto payments? Leave your contact details below and one of our payment specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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