Smart checkout with self-learning technology

Utrecht, 5 September 2019 – Payment provider Buckaroo presents Smart Checkout. Featuring self-learning technology that adapts itself to the consumer’s payment preference(s).


Mobile transactions have surpassed desktop traffic. According to Buckaroo data, at least 52% of all daily online payments are made using a smartphone. This inspired Buckaroo to create an innovative smart payment process that adjusts itself to payment behaviour and the device used.


Maurits Dekker, chief commercial officer Buckaroo: "Payments cannot be captured in a one-size-fits-all model. Did the consumer pay using a smartphone or desktop? Are we dealing with a postpayment or direct payment? With iDEAL or credit card? Each payment behaviour is different. This calls for a smart checkout."


Self-learning technology

In recent months, Buckaroo has developed new self-learning payment technology that adjusts itself to the consumer’s payment behaviour. Ensuring that the payer’s preferred payment methods are always listed first. Manual credit card data entry is no longer necessary: consumers can now scan and copy card details with their smartphone camera.


Safe online payments

The Buckaroo Smart Checkout can be used as an online checkout for webstores, but also as an online payment solution in a payment reminder process or subscription model. You can fully customize your checkout and payment requests according to your own brand identity.


Dekker: "The webshop and checkout merge seamlessly. The moment of payment closely follows the moment of purchase. This creates a trusted environment. An important aspect that will benefit your conversion and collection rate."


Directly available

Buckaroo customers can use Smart Checkout free of charge. A quarter of all Buckaroo customers is already using Buckaroo’s standard checkout. They can now active the new Smart Checkout themselves. The Smart Checkout can also be used via the Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce and Shopware payment gateways and is also available for custom solutions.


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