POM partners up with Buckaroo

ANTWERP 24/09/2019 - The Antwerp based fintech company POM enters into a partnership agreement with Buckaroo, an innovative payment service provider from the Netherlands. By working together, both parties intend to bring the payment experience for invoices, reminders, fines and other documents to the next level.


Buckaroo is a leading payment service provider in the Benelux region, founded in 2005. Its services are approved by and are under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank). Buckaroo also holds a payment institution license to do business in Belgium.


Johannes Vermeire (CEO at POM) and Alexander van Leeuwen (Relation Manager at Buckaroo)
Johannes Vermeire (CEO at POM) and Alexander van Leeuwen (Relation Manager at Buckaroo)


"The cooporation with Buckaroo allows us to better serve our customers and respond to their changing needs. Thanks to Buckaroo, it will become even easier, faster and safer to pay via POM," says Johannes Vermeire, CEO at POM.


"Moreover, Buckaroo’s flexible mindset fits well with POM’s mission to help overcome frustrations about invoices and to make the entire payment process as smooth as possible – and even enjoyable."


Maurits Dekker, CCO at Buckaroo, adds: "Just like POM, we are very pleased with this partnership. By bringing together our technology and know-how about online payments, we are able to deliver a very strong offering to companies and organisations that are looking to improve the payment experience for their customers."



About POM

POM optimizes the invoicing process for both sides of the market: billers and customers. POM’s invoice payment services allow companies – large and small – to both significantly lower their collection costs and speed up receivables. At the same time their customers are able to enjoy POM’s superior payment experience in a multichannel environment (across e-mail, mobile, messaging and paper).

POM was founded in 2014 and is 100% made in Belgium.