IBAN-Name Check

Prevent fraud and errors with an IBAN Name Check from SurePay

What is IBAN Name Check?

The SurePay IBAN Name Check allows you to check whether the IBAN number corresponds to the name that you have previously received from your customer. This check reveals any incorrect information early on, thereby reducing the risk of transaction cancellations. It provides greater certainty in the processing of direct debits and credit transfers. Within Europe, the Netherlands is leading the way with this technology; almost all Dutch banks use IBAN Name Check for credit transfers. Will you soon too?

SurePay IBAN-Name Check how does it work?

Validation check prevents fraud and chargebacks

For whom is IBAN-Name Check interesting?

Do you have a lot of direct debits? Do you offer the option of paying by direct debit or by subscription? Then you would like to know in advance whether the payment details are correct. Preferably when registering a new customer or subscriber. The IBAN name check checks whether the name and account number match. This can also be done prior to entering a direct debit batch.

How does it work?

The SurePay IBAN-Name Check provides information about 99.5% of all business and private current and savings accounts in the Netherlands. You can therefore quickly find out whether your payment details are correct or not. The name check is used by both private individuals and companies, including almost all insurers.


SurePay's IBAN Name Check, how does it work?

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IBAN Name Check prevents fraud and errors in collections

Benefits of IBAN Name Check

Being able to check the IBAN data for correctness brings you, as a business owner, enormous benefits when it comes to security and convenience. 

  • It leads to fewer incorrect payments because name and account are checked in advance
  • It prevents the risk of fraud if incorrect data has been provided on purpose
  • You know for sure that you are collecting from and paying to the right person or company
  • The check provides additional information, e.g. whether the account is a business or consumer account. But also how many account holders there are and whether the account still exists.
  • You can also use this check when verifying the bank details of (new) providers at marketplaces

Want to know more about IBAN Name Check?

Would you like to know how IBAN Name Check can help prevent payment fraud for your organisation? We would be happy to inform you about the advantages and functionalities of this SurePay solution.