Payment methods & rates

iDEAL, PayPal and credit card costs? View the transaction rates for all national and international payment methods here.

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Payment solutions give you access to the various payment methods and the associated services and support. This includes access to the Buckaroo Payment Plaza, from where you can manage your payments real time. 

  • Prices are per transaction
  • The percentages (variable): are calculated on the gross volume
  • Buckaroo has a monthly minimum invoice fee of €100
  • For charities, different rates and conditions apply
  • Different refund rates apply for credit cards, ApplePay and Trustly.
  • The rates are excl. VAT
  • The rates are subject to acceptance + general terms and conditions
  • Test transactions cost € 0.03 per transaction (first 100 test trx free)
  • The stated Klarna rate (per transaction) does not include a € 0.10 gateway fee per transaction.

Special rates

For companies with a monthly turnover of more than 1 million euros, special rates are available upon request. Contact a strategic consultant via

Credit Management and Subscription Services

If you would like to get informed about the pricing for our Credit Management and Subscription Services payment solutions, contact our consultants via or phone +31 30 7115010. 

Credit Management