Postpay – a Buckaroo payment product

100% payment guarantee and high conversion rate

What is Postpay?

The most customer-friendly payment method for consumers is undoubtedly the option to pay after you’ve received your purchase. It is to some extent similar to payment on account. Postpay offers consumers a certain level of assurance. Consumers can first evaluate the product before making a payment. It offers online shoppers, who tend to be more hesitant, a feeling of security. And stimulates sales.

How does Postpay work?

Although postpay is the most customer-friendly payment method, not all webshops are offering this payment method. Many online retailers think the risk of non-payment by customers is too high. We offer entrepreneurs the option to offer postpay in their webshop without any risk. We check the credibility and offer insight in the status of all payments. Unlike with other providers, you’re the one who remains in charge of customer contact.

The advantages of Postpay with Buckaroo

  • Postpay leads to a higher conversion rate
  • Go live fast thanks to easy integration
  • Meets the conditions of
  • Customize templates using your own branding and content
  • Administration is always up to date thanks to reports
  • All transactions in one single central system
  • Buckaroo has more than 15 years of experience with Postpay
  • Decide which payment methods to choose for bills