Nexi - the Italian online payment method

A Visa and MasterCard branded credit card.

What is Nexi?

Do you want to sell your products succesfully in Italy? Then it is important to adjust your checkout accordingly. Nexi Payments, formerly known as CartaSi, is a payment product of the Italian bank. Approximately 53% of the Italians occasionally pay with Nexi.

How does Nexi work?

Nexi is a Visa and MasterCard branded credit card that operates according to the international schemes of Visa and MasterCard. Thus, Nexi benefits from all the advantages of both brands regarding userfriendliness, safety and service. If you want to offer your Italian customers the perfect payment experience, then Nexi is a must during checkout.

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Nexi Payments

Advantages of Nexi

  • Most popular credit card in Italy
  • Reaches 13 million Italian online shoppers
  • A Visa and MasterCard branded payment method