Capayable - postpay and payment in installments

For amounts over 100 euro

What is Capayable?

Capayable is a postpay payment method, but also a means to pay in installments. This online payment method offers two options. Option one: postpay the total amount at once. Or use the other Capayable service: payment in 3 installements. The first installments needs to be paid directly (in advance), in order to check the account number. The integrated direct credit check makes payment even safer.

How does Capayable Pay in 3 Installments work?

With Pay in Installments, Capayable offers the possibility to pay for an order in 3 installments without interest. The first installment is paid directly by the consumer or business customer during the online checkout. The second and third installment are paid respectively within 30 or 60 days after the product or service has been received.


(Pay in Installments ‒ has been renamed in3)

Pay in Installments via Capayable

Advantages of Capayable

  • Credit check in just a few seconds
  • Flexible payment in installments
  • Verification account number
  • Also ideal for B2B

Capayable for amounts over €100,-

For whom is Capayable suitable? Watches, mattresses, construction markets, office supplies, catering, travel services… You name it. The payment method can be used for amounts over €100. With a maximum amount of €500 for post payment and €3,000 for payment in installments (exceptions possible for B2B).