Marketplaces: growth model of the future

Starting (on) a Marketplace, what should you think about?

On Thursday 7 April, NextChapter eCommerce, ChannelEngine, Active Ants and Buckaroo will organize the livestream event: Marketplaces growth model of the future. The event will be streamed live from the beautiful location of Naturalis in Leiden. 


This online live event is for anyone interested in starting their own Marketplace, successfully wanting to sell there products on an existing marketplace or optimizing there current platform to reach their dreams of international expension. Are you curious which tools you can use to develop a Marketplace? Are you wondering what the best offer of payment methods is? Or how you should arrange the fulfillment of all those items you are going to sell?


Then register for the livestream.


Who and what can you expect at the webinar?

The event consists of two interesting and interactive panel discussions. Both sessions will be moderated by driven e-commerce entrepreneur Bas Urlings (entrepreneur on flipflops) from 


Session 1: Marketplaces from starters to international ambitions 

In this first session Bas Urlings will have a interactive session  with .... from .... about the following topics: what do you have to know to be able to start your own Marketplace or join an existing platform. What are the do's and don't if you want to grow your marketplace to an international business. Also experts Michiel Bestebroer (NextChapter eCommerce), and Flip Roose (Buckaroo) will give you the latest insides in regarding to these topics. 

Session 2: Building blox for international marketplaces growth

After the break Bas will talk with .... from ....., Niels Floors (ChannelEngine) and Ronald Metselaar (Active Ants) about how to choise the best building blox for your marketplace regarding connecting to a Marketplace, Marketing and fulfillment.



Marketplaces growth model of the future
Time schedule marketplaces livestream

The agenda

08:45-09:25  Coffee and cake 

09:25-09:30  Start event (doors close)   

09:30-10:30   Session 1

10:30-11:00     Break

11:00-12:00     Session 2

12:00               End of webinar                                              

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