Wholesale Solutions

Adds a new revenue model for your business.

Wholesale Solutions for fast-growing companies

Wholesale Solutions is started by Buckaroo for e-billing companies, independent software providers and financial institutions. These companies can add and resell payment solutions to their customers in a one-stop-shop proposition. Obtaining a payment license and setting up a risk department is not necessary in this construction.


A better customer proposition

Incorporating payments into your product can provide a better customer proposition. Especially at a time when the margins of software suppliers are increasingly under pressure, offering integrated payment services can be an important unique selling point (USP) in the battle for customers. After all, the customer no longer needs to onboard separately at a PSP, but can access the payment services directly with you, the software provider.

Wholesale Payments completes one-stop-shop software proposition

“As the world becomes even more global, it is pivotal to have a global payment service offering. With Wholesale Solution financial companies get the opportunity to scale their business and add complementary revenue models.”


— Maurits Dekker, CCO Buckaroo

We offer the following payment solutions as a wholesale (whitelabel) solution

Full control and insights

An additional advantage for you as a supplier is that you have full control over and insight into the payment process. Because you gain more knowledge of how your customers pay (and can therefore offer better customization) your conversion rates will increase. Moreover, because payments will function as a KPI (key performance indicator), you will gain more insight into opportunities within your financial process.


Turn your software into a one-stop shop with payment process

E-billing companies, software suppliers and fintech companies can use Buckaroo’s wholesale solutions to offer a resell payment solution to their customers via a one-stop shop solution. We facilitate all related licensing services, including: onboarding, transaction monitoring, risk, reconciliation.


Integrate payments and checkout into your software with Buckaroo Wholesale Solutions

Advantages of having your own payment solution

Upscaling your business quickly without having to worry about payment issues such as laws and regulations, supervision and risk management: a direct link with a whitelabel payment solution can bring software providers a lot of benefits.


  • You do not have to maintain your own connections with sometimes as many as dozens of payment providers.
  • You can make your customers an interesting offer based on one-stop shopping, especially in a saturated market.
  • Every transaction generates you extra revenue.
  • You always have the latest features at your disposal, without having to worry about product expansion and development.

Whitepaper: Wholesale Solutions

Download the white paper written by MTSprout in collaboration with Buckaroo.

Wholesale Solutions whitepaper (EN)
Add new revenue models for your business

As a software vendor, you want to facilitate your customers wherever possible. Offering a payment solution is increasingly part of that. But what is involved in creating such a new revenue model?