Tinka - payment in installments on credit

Offers shoppers more payment options

What is Tinka?

Each year, over 90 million transactions are paid with Tinka. Tinka has developed various payment methods for (online) stores, such as Wehkamp and BCC. Buckaroo offers the Tinka product that allows consumers to pay for a purchase in installments with credit. Consumers enter into a payment obligation with Tinka and can largely determine the amount and the speed of payments themselves. The online store offering Tinka does not have to wait until the customer has actually paid, but receives guaranteed and earlier payment.


How does payment in installments with Tinka work?

The consumer pays for his purchase in installments with credit. The online store is guaranteed of payment and can verify instantly in the Buckaroo Plaza whether payment was successful. The online store can deliver the order immediately, without the risk of default.

A consumer wants to buy a fridge from your online store and pay for it with Tinka. During checkout, he selects the payment option “Payment in installments with Tinka”. New customers will be verified first, but customers who already have an agreement with Tinka can make the purchase straight away. Tinka customers can also use the same agreement to buy in other affiliated online stores.

Tinka - payment in installments on credit

Benefits of Tinka:

  • Customers can determine the speed of payments mostly themselves and pay off earlier free of charge
  • The online store is guaranteed of payment and can deliver the order immediately
  • No down payment necessary
  • A large customer base allowing you to attract new customers
  • Wellknown payment method thanks to online stores like Wehkamp and BCC
  • Credit is supplied in a responsible manner
Buy Now Pay Later and pay in installments via Tinka

For which online stores is payment in installments with Tinka interesting?

Tinka is mostly interesting for online stores offering a wide range of higher value products. If consumers are making a major purchase, they can decide not to pay for it in one go but over a certain period of time determined largely by themselves.

Want to link payment in installments with Tinka to your checkout?

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Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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