Wholesale partners

Offer payment solutions and new business models to high-growth entrepreneurs

Wholesale partners

Our partners are looking to broaden the service offering to stay competitive and scale faster in Europe. Therefore, we have built a new payment platform for wholesale payments. This enables entrepreneurs to offer payment services to their customers and partners under their own label.

Be a wholesale partner of Buckaroo

What does that mean?


We serve a wide range of independent software providers with complete payment solutions. Our wholesale solution enables entrepreneurs to offer payment solutions at a low risk. This allows you to easily scale up as a business.

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POM is Wholesale partner of Buckaroo

POM uses Buckaroo Wholesale Solutions

POM's payment solutions are focused on improving the payment experience for invoices, fines, taxes, membership fees, or really any document that requires a payment. POM's customers operate in a wide variety of industries: from energy companies to public institutions.


"The partnership with Buckaroo enables us to better serve our customers and respond to their changing needs. Thanks to Buckaroo, it has become easier, faster and safer to pay via POM."

Benefits of a partnership with Buckaroo

  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Insights from the industry
  • End user retention
  • Diverse, new revenue streams
  • Proven higher conversion

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