Payment method Tinka desired for expensive purchases

A new sofa, dining room table or HIFI set. We make more and more purchases online, as well as expensive ones. And during the lockdown, we were not able to do it differently. The only question is: what payment method do you choose in your checkout? As a consumer, do you dare to pay in advance with iDEAL, or do you opt for the secure dedicated pay-after-delivery method? And is the buyer able to pay the amount in full directly? An issue on which payment method Tinka is based.

Tinka: the consumer chooses payment pace

When you prefer not to pay the entire amount upfront in one go, Tinka offers a solution. The online payment provider enables consumers to pay afterwards. Consumers can decide for themselves how much they redeem and at what pace.


What do online stores need to know? The consumer makes a payment via the checkout as usual. Tinka deposits the sum into the Buckaroo third party funds account. The online store receives the sum with the next payment from its service payment provider. The consumer and Tinka close a payment agreement. Tinka ’s customer service ensures full payment follow-up. As a result, the consumer is no longer in contact with the online store or payment service provider about the payment as it has already been paid by Tinka.

Checkout providing Tinka

The difference between Tinka and other pay-after-delivery methods or staggered payment options

Benefits of using Tinka is that consumers are able to make payments quickly. If the consumer has used the payment method before, they do not have to fill in their personal information again, speeding up the checkout process. The advantage for the online store is receiving a guaranteed payment with Buckaroo’s first subsequent payout. The advantage for the consumer is the possibility to determine payment pace themselves. The payment term, frequency and amount of the payment are tailored to the financial situation and wishes of the consumer. An initial deposit is not required. Moreover, consumers can buy Tinka shop-credit and spend it at several online stores. In this way consumers do not need a separate payment arrangement for each purchase.

“Tinka is a solution when it comes to more expensive purchases where there may be more reluctance in the purchase process.”

— Tiede Dijkstra, sales manager at Tinka

When is Tinka’s payment method preferred?

Tiede Dijkstra, sales manager at Tinka: “The flexibility of Tinka and the possibility to pay at different online stores with the same payment method is of great added value to the consumer and the online store. These see a rise in conversion because of Tinka. Tinka is a solution when it comes to more expensive purchases, in for example the Home & Garden sector, where there may be more reluctance in the purchase process.”


For example. Imagine you are moving this month, you buy a sofa, a washing machine and a bathroom at various online stores that offer Tinka. You simply pay the total amount two or three months later when your holiday allowance is deposited. If you want to take a little longer, that is no problem. You pay 9.9% yearly interest for the payment service. And of course, you can always make extra or early redemptions.

Rob Baas, Head of Sales at Buckaroo: “Tinka is of great added value for online stores that sell more expensive products around 200 and 2500 euros. Tinka offers trust and space to consumers to make their own payment plan. This is what consumers really need at those times.”

“Tinka offers trust and space to consumers to make their own payment plan.”

— Rob Baas, Head of Sales at Buckaroo

Staggered payments, how does it work?

Tinka offers consumers the freedom to make (re)payments in the way they desire. You can pay afterwards or make staggered payments, depending on your financial situation. The online store owner can propose customized payment options for each product group. In a market in which BNPL has become indispensable and will play an increasingly important role, Tinka stands for creating freedom in choosing and setting up a payment plan tailored to specific situations. Tiede: “It must be clear and responsible.”

Collaboration with the payment service provider

Tiede: “Payment service providers are essential for the offering of our products to consumers. We like to work with Buckaroo as they are important to deploy our proposition. They provide a seamless connection and a consolidated payment flow to the merchant.”

Curious about the possibilities of Tinka for your online store?

Please visit the Tinka product page for more information.

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