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About Nubikk

Nubikk is since the start in 2012 known for their leather designer sneakers and boots. Started in Waalwijk in Brabant (The Netherlands) and in recent years has grown into a fashion brand with international success. Both the Dutch and foreign Nubikk web shops run on Shopware's e-commerce platform. Buckaroo processes the online payments from Nubikk. Payments go through a payment plug-in for Shopware.

Nubikk design sneakers

Own shop and market places

With their collection, Nubikk focuses on (young) adults with an eye for design and a sense of fashion. The designs are made at the head office in Waalwijk and are characterized by the high quality that makes them suitable for numerous occasions: from everyday to casual chic. Service and customer experience are of paramount importance. This way the customer can use an app to scan his feet and always choose the right shoe size. Nubikk sells in its own web store, but also through many retailers including the Bijenkorf.

Cross-border with Nubikk

In addition to the Dutch online shop there is an English, German, Spanish and French webshop. For successful international online sales, the right set of (local) payment methods is of great importance. In this way Nubikk offers its buyers more options than just the Dutch iDEAL. Commonly used other payment methods are: credit cards, Sofort, Bancontact and Klarna. The check-out only shows the relevant payment method (s) for the country in which the buyer lives.

Nubikk sneakers
Nubikk styling

Shopware via Buckaroo

Nubikk: “Shopware's e-commerce software fits perfectly with our international growth ambitions and the stability and quality that we want to deliver. In addition, it is easy to add new payment methods in Shopware, something that is important to us with growth abroad. The integration was easy thanks to the Buckaroo-Shopware plugin. ”

“We chose Buckaroo because of their complete Shopware plugin and personal service. In addition, we actively contribute to achieving our international goals. "

— Nubikk

Advantages of Shopware

Shopware is characterized by user-friendliness, quality and the power of storytelling, with an emphasis on image and experience, which is important for brands such as Nubikk. The Shopware plugin contains 40+ payment methods and also offers the possibility to add gift cards to the check-out yourself. Payment is clearly arranged on one page, from entering the address to payment. Clients are not directed to external pages, but remain on the Nubikk site.

Want to know more about the possibilities of Shopware and payment? Buckaroo offers a complete payment plugin for Shopware.



Online payment Nubikk checkout

Inspiring cases

The ideal payment method differs per situation, product or service. Because of our wide range of payment methods and unique features, we at Buckaroo are always able to offer you an appropriate solution. Let the following cases inspire you.

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