Client-Side Encryption: credit card payments on your own website

Online credit card payment is still one of the most popular payment methods. Want to pay by credit card? Then you, the buyer, are redirected to an external window in order to enter your card data. Payment confirmed? Then it’s back to the original checkout page. With client-side encryption, there’s no need for an external window. All card payments can be completed directly on the webshop’s very own checkout page.


Why are credit card payments usually in an external window?

Why can’t payment be made directly on the checkout page? Because credit card data first have to be securely encrypted and processed PCI compliant. Makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, the external window that you’re redirected to for credit card payments is quite a conversion killer. Buckaroo offers the perfect solution to this problem: client-side encryption. Thanks to this advanced technique, credit card payments can be encrypted and processed on your very own checkout page. Without a ’hick-up’ in the payment process. Offering your clients a seamless checkout experience.


"An external window for credit card payments can be quite a conversion killer. Buckaroo offers the perfect solution: client-side encryption (CSE)."

— Jelle Hoes, CCO Buckaroo

Credit card payments via client-side encryption (CSE)

Thanks to the ‘client-side encryption’ technique, credit card payments can now be completed on your website’s very own checkout page. Clients can fill out all entry fields (such as card number, expiry date, CVC code and cardholder name) during checkout. No need to be redirected to an external window, as is mostly the case now.


CSE encrypts cardholder data at the moment of payment. The credit card data are sent to the payment service provider in a ‘secured package’. The provider subsequently ‘unwraps’ the payment order and processes the payment. The checkout page then receives a secured code indicating whether payment was ‘successful’ or has ‘failed’.


CSE: suitable for which cards?

Our solution supports all card payments that would normally be conducted via an external window. Such as Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Maestro and Bancontact.


Why CSE? The advantages:

  • Payment can now be completed on your very own checkout page (one-step checkout)
  • A seamless checkout experience
  • Safe and PCI compliant card data entry
  • You can fully customize the look & feel of the payment process

Activate Client-Side Encryption on your website

Existing Buckaroo merchants can directly apply for CSE using this address:


CSE in all plug-ins

CSE is incorporated in all our plug-ins (Magento 1 & 2, WooCommerce and Shopware). Offering direct access to the seamless checkout experience. Are your payments processed by the Buckaroo Smart Checkout? Then there’s no need for implementation either.


Your own checkout

Did you develop your own checkout? Then you can use CSE as well. Just follow the technical instructions in our development environment. Need some help? Please contact us via