Buckaroo management reinforced to support European growth

Utrecht, October 29, 2019 - As of September 17, 2019, Maurits Dekker and Jelle Hoes have been appointed as members of the Statutory Board of Buckaroo BV, with the approval of De Nederlandsche Bank. The Board of Buckaroo now consists of Paul Scholten (CEO), André Reumerman (CFO), Maurits Dekker (CCO) and Jelle Hoes (CTO). The Management Board has been reinforced in order to support Buckaroo’s company growth.


Maurits Dekker started as a trainee at Buckaroo in 2007 and has always remained connected to the payment industry. Over the years, he has fulfilled various commercial functions at Buckaroo, having been Chief Commerical Officer for the past three years.


Jelle Hoes joined Buckaroo 6 years ago as a Program Manager, but quickly became responsible for all technical developments as Chief Technical Officer.


With their comprehensive expertise, both Dekker and Hoes have clear ideas as to in which fields the PSP should grow.


European payment strategist

Dekker and Hoes have seen demand shift from “a basic checkout” to the need for value added service in payments, such as complete end-to-end payment solutions like Subscription Services and Credit Management. Buckaroo's position as a payment strategist is in keeping with the complex payment challenges that many companies are currently facing.


Buckaroo wants to expand its strong position in Europe through acquisition and partnerships. The recently concluded partnerships with POM Belgium and Ravelin Technology UK are a prime example of this strategy.

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