Buckaroo forms partnership with MageOne for Magento 1

As of June 2020, Adobe has stopped supporting Magento 1, meaning that there will be no more security updates for this ecommerce platform. Subsequently, Buckaroo has partnered up with MageOne in order to allow Buckaroo merchants enough time to migrate to Magento 2 or a different platform. Thus allowing merchants to still receive security updates during the bridging period.


MageOne Partnership

In order to keep processing payments from Magento 1 in a safe and secure way, Buckaroo has partnered up with MageOne, which offers security updates for Magento 1. Is your webshop still running on Magento 1? Then we advise you to use the services MageOne has to offer. Buckaroo will take care of the technical connection between the Payment Plugin and the MageOne updates.


Migration to Magento 2

In 2015, a brandnew Magento version was announced: Magento 2. Updating Magento 1 to Magento 2 however turns out to be quite a challenge for many webshops. In addition, the process is quite costly. Therefore, many ecommerce companies have postponed migrating to a different platform for as long as possible. By supporting Magento 1, Buckaroo is offering a helping hand to all merchants who are still using Magento 1. We’re offering them some extra time during the bridging period.



Migrating to Magento 2, Shopware, WooCommerce or Lightspeed? Check out our other (free) payment plugins on our integration page. We’re pleased to help you.


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