Buckaroo enables merchants access to new markets with AfterPay

Utrecht, 18 April 2019 – Online shopping continues to evolve and so are payment preferences. According to recent Gfk research, over 20% of Dutch online shoppers used a payment after delivery method in the 4th quarter of 2018. Responding to this, pay after delivery provider AfterPay and payment provider Buckaroo have strengthened their collaboration to meet increased demand. Merchants are now able to offer AfterPay’s payment methods in 5 countries, with 4 more to come, all through one contract with Buckaroo.

Available now and ready for sign-up

The number of steps needed to integrate AfterPay as a retailer are minimised on both an administrative and a technical level. Previously, a separate agreement had to be signed with AfterPay. From today onward, that will no longer be the case. Buckaroo acts as a reseller and offers its clients a complete registration, integration, reconciliation and payment package.

Supporting merchants with growth and cross border capabilities

Web shops are now able to offer pay after delivery services in 4 additional countries alongside the Netherlands, namely Belgium, Germany, Austria and Finland. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland will soon follow.

"This partnership will bring our clients great benefits. Onboarding is faster, a complete overview of all cross-border AfterPay transactions at any time, an updated API and centralised billing. Buckaroo and AfterPay are two strong brands in the eCommerce world, and this is a position we want to strengthen through this new collaboration," says Maurits Dekker, CCO Buckaroo.

“We are happy to intensify our collaborations with Buckaroo. With the improved capabilities in our extended partnership, merchants are now able to access new regions, enjoy a faster and simplified onboarding process and reduce time spent on day-to-day operations. Everything with one simple integration and one contract with Buckaroo”, Fredrik Gustafsson, VP Nordics & International Partnerships, AfterPay.

— Fredrik Gustafsson, VP Nordics & International Partnerships, AfterPay

About Buckaroo and AfterPay

Both Buckaroo and AfterPay are originally Dutch organisations. Buckaroo has operated as a PSP in the Netherlands since 2005. Its widespread payment platform handles online and offline transactions for over 5,000 clients every day.

AfterPay started in 2010 and is part of Arvato Bertelsmann. It now operates in 9 European countries. In the Netherlands, AfterPay grew its market share with 25% in 2018 and is now the fourth most preferred payment method in Dutch e-commerce. Online shoppers can pay with AfterPay at around 5,000 web shops. Some 4 million people in the Netherlands have used AfterPay.

The numbers on Dutch online consumer spendings come from Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor. This is a joint report from Thuiswinkel.org, Gfk and PostNL based on consumer and retail research, which is published four times a year.